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About Us


We are so fortunate to be a part of a restaurant that has been such an icon on the beach for so many years! Our goal is to carry on Mo’s recipes and traditions for many years to come.

Hurricane Mo’s was the inspiration of Maureen “Mo” Ashworth. Hurricane Mo's opened its doors on Kitty Hawk Road on May 5th, 2005, after being in Pirates Cove for 11 years. Mo's recipes are the heart and soul of the restaurant, and live on to this day. We are a 90 percent scratch kitchen – just about everything is homemade! We have the freshest seafood directly from the docks of Wanchese. Our award winning “best happy hour on the beach”, featuring chicken wings, shrimp and tacos is offered daily 3-5 (and 3-6 in the off-season!) 

My son Arthur and I have dreamed of running a restaurant together for years.  What began, half-joking as opening a hot dog stand, has now materialized into a beachside restaurant, Hurricane Mo's. Our first thought...Is this a crazy idea, are we REALLY going to do this?? These are big shoes to step into! But our wonderful staff, both the skillful and inventive talent in the kitchen and the incredibly attentive front of the house had us convinced. We thought, with such a killer back of the house, and amazing front of house that genuinely cares about this restaurant's traditions and values, we could make this work. Arthur had several years in the restaurant business and I simply had a dream. And here we are.


We are early into this journey, but dedicated to keeping Mo’s the restaurant many have known and loved. It is very important to us to keep the years of food and atmosphere of Mo’s going. Family and tradition are first for us.

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