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Happy Hour Menu

Hurricane Mo's Happiest Hours

3pm - 5pm


Do not discount tip

No Split Checks

No To-Go Boxes for Happy Hour Food

You must be seated and have Happy Hour orders in by 5pm!

$0.25 Steamed Shrimp 

Peel and eat; served with cocktail sauce and melted butter (Increments of 20) 

$0.50 Hurricane Wings 

Served either naked or tossed in our spicy homemade buffalo sauce.

Optional Side Ranch / Bleu Cheese / Celery

 (Increments of 6) 

$1.00 Hard Tacos

Hard-shell tacos with beef, lettuce and cheese.

$1.50 Soft Tacos

Soft-shell tacos with beef, lettuce and cheese.

Additional Taco Toppings $0.30/each

Homemade Salsa / Sour Cream / Tomato

Onion / Jalapenos 


 For $1.25 "The Works"

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